Free Mahjong Planet

Free Mahjong Planet

Enjoy Free Mahjong Planet for free and excercise your mind meanwhile
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This amazing free mahjong game has a lot of features to set up, at the main page if you enter the settings section you will be able to choose between 4 game styles, 4 different skill levels and 4 background styles. Among the styles you will find classic, flash, kids and erotic; among the skill levels you can choose between easy, medium, hard and classic; and among the background styles your options are classic, flash, kids and erotic. Also at the main screen you will find an instructions sections where you can read about the objective of the game, the controlls and the scoring. The idea of the game is to remove all the tiles from the board, and you can only remove two tiles at once; all you have to do is click over one tile and the select the identical one and both of them will be removed from the board. The time you spend removing each tile will affect on the score you get, for every tile you remove you get from 30 to 100 depending on that time. If you remove tiles in 2 or less seconds you get additional bonuses. You can play it using your mouse only.

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